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Legal background music for the cafes, restaurants, bars

Licensed music from European copyright holders is perfect for caffee, restaurant, bar. Turn on BUBUKA and you are free from additional deductions to WIPO

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BUBUKA is remote system of musical players

Every player of this type is fixed into your store. This player will be connected with music speakers, which you install anywhere

System advantages

It's easy to start using it

You can start broadcasting in your company in 30 minutes. In order to do this you just need to install our app on any Android or Windows device

Remote control

You control music broadcasting in any of your companies from anywhere in the World where you have access to Internet. You can change the track or listen to the song that is played in your company right now

Licensed music

We have contracts with Russian and European rightholders. Our prices are lower than the WIPO’s prices. Licensed music plays in your company if BUBUKA is installed.

More than 20 000 tracks

In our base there are the best tracks of European musicians, Russian musicians and musical groups. Collect playlists for you company from different style sets: Pop, Rock, Indirock, Lounge, Jazz, Instrumental and more other

Broadcasting music without paying any WIPO fees

All BUBUKA music is licensed. You don’t have to pay to WIPO after installing BUBUKA in your company

Our products

Our products

  • For pizzerias

    per month

    Наши решения для пицерий
    Offer for pizzerias, italian cafes anf restraunts. Ready playlist under our redactions, also you can collect your playlists using more than 8000 different style tracks
  • For cafés

    per month

    Наши решения для кафе
    Perfect set for cafés, coffee houses and restraunts. Playlist includes medium lounge, quality European guitar music, indie-rock style tracks. This allows to create your playlist from more than 8000 tracks of different style
  • For bars and pubs

    per month

    Наши решения для баров и пабов
    Musical compilation of rock, pop-rock style and a lot of guitar tracks will create excellent atmosphere of European bar or pub. Abillity to create your playlist from more than 8000 different style tracks
  • For restaurants and hotels

    per month

    Наши решения для ресторанов и отелей
    Music compilation is perfect suitable for premuim restraunts and hotels. A lot of piano, string and classic music. About 8000 different European tracks
  • Popular music

    per month

    Popular music for cafes, coffee houses, pizzerias and shopping centers. Radium formats and popular performers. More than 5000 tracks.
  • Background video & photo content

    per month

    Фоновое видео
    For translation of pleasurable or interesting things on plasma. There are more than 5000 different videos for bars and suitable cafes, also slideshow with download function of your photos
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