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Автоматическая генерация музыки
The service generate music
that suit your business itself.
Once you setup & it’s enough
Wide variety
of music content
from 100 000 tracks
BUBUKA’s music collection is
growing by 300 to 500
new tracks on monthly basis

Examples of Music Solutions

for Different Types of Businesses

For pizzeria
Music solution for pizzerias, Italian cafes & restaurants. Ready-made playlist chosen by our editors. In addition, a possibility to create your own playlist with more than 8 000 music compositions consisting of various genres.
For shopping malls
from $35/month
Great selection of various tracks for shopping malls of different volumes. Opportunity to use different music in different sections. More than 8 000 tracks. Potential to integrate personal and commercial ads.
Popular music
from $45/month
Popular music for cafes, coffee shops, pizzerias & shopping malls. Radio-edited formats of popular artists. More than 5 000 tracks
For cafe
Great selection for cafes, coffee shops & restaurants. Playlist has lounge, high-quality guitar, and indie rock style compositions. Current solution lets you create personal playlists from more than 8 000 compositions of various genres
For bars, pubs
from $35/month
Musical selection of rock, pop-rock, as well as a variety of other guitar compositions that will create a great atmosphere in your bar or pub. Opportunity to make your own selection from more than 8 000 tracks
For retail
from $20/month
Great musical solution for supermarket chains & shopping malls. More than 10 000 compositions of various styles - Jazz, Funk, instrumental music & quality alternative tracks. Capability to choose specific holiday, New Year Eve & kids-themed playlists. Possibility to add scheduled audio-ads and ability to record instant audio intercom messages
For shops & boutiques
Specially curated music for fashion boutiques, beauty shops & etc. More than 7 000 tracks
For restaurants & hotels
from $45/month
Musical solution for restaurants, hotels & lounge zones. High-quality, stylish music from light jazz to an elegant lounge tracks. More than 7 000 tracks
Background video + photo
from $20/month
Ability to display entertaining content on plasma panels. More than 5 000 video templates for bars & cozy cafes, as well as slideshows with potential to integrate personal content

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